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Source: Jeff Bock
Date: Dec 6, 2012

Thanksgiving leftovers are Hollywood's traditional meal of choice when serving up the multiplex masses in the weeks that follow the turkey holiday. It's really a mini-vacation for studios as they ramp up for the big cinematic crescendo that is one of the most lucrative weeks of the year--Christmas through New Year's.

If this weekend's sacrificial flicks fare anything like last weekend, or last year for that matter, whichever film grosses $8-$10 million will probably end up in the top spot. Talk about post-holiday blues!! Shopping apparently trumps films in the two weeks following Thanksgiving. Praise the lord that "The Hobbit" arrives in a can't come soon enough!

In fact, the only new film in wide release is the rom-com "Playing For Keeps." The PG-13 film stars Gerard Butler as an ex-futbol stud getting his kicks in suburbia while coaching his son's pee-wee soccer team. Ok, now that we know the drawbacks… what are the perks? Jessica Biel, Uma Thurman, and Catherine Zeta-Jones are the soccer milfs…er…moms.

FilmDistrict’s offering isn’t the kind of film that will kick off the next box office heatwave, nor will it even convince actual soccer moms to carpool to theaters in their minivans. Now if David Beckham were starring...we may have a different story on our hands.  Expect a debut upwards of $7 million in 2,837 theaters, which sadly, give or take a Groupon or 5,000+, actually does put it in play for the top spot. 

Still not sure how those Groupons translate to box office figures, but in Los Angeles they are offering two tickets for $24, plus you get $15 to spend in Groupon bucks. That means you sorta-kinda-actually get each ticket for $4.50. That’s even cheaper than matinee prices. However, it probably affects the bottom line the same way a 0-0 score titillates soccer fans.

 Weekend Estimates

1.       Skyfall - $9.2M

2.       Rise of the Guardians - $9M

3.       Twilight: BDp2 - $8.5M

4.       Lincoln - $8M

5.       Life of Pi - $7.5M


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