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Feature Release Schedule (FRS)


The Feature Release Schedule is a calendar of release dates provided directly to ERC from major studios and independent distributors. It is the industry's definitive schedule of film releases in North America. 


The Feature Release Schedule provides an "at-a-glance" overview of the line-up of the upcoming year and beyond, along with major credits, including stars and director. It is issued at the 1st of each month, 12 times a year.

An annual subscription costs $350.00 USD.


The FRS will be emailed to you, and up to 3 additional addresses, as a PDF at the beginning of every month.

In addition, an Interim Feature Release Schedule is available as an add-on, published mid-month. That's 24 issues in a calendar year--distributed on the 1st and 15th of the month--and costs $500.00 USD. The Interim FRS keeps you up-to-date every two weeks, versus every month.

Past issues of the Feature Release Schedule, which go back 4 decades, cost $150.00 USD. 

Streaming Release Schedule (SRS)

The future is now. And it's streaming. What's trending on Netflix? Amazon? Hulu? Disney Plus? HBO Max? Which of your favorite shows has been renewed for another season? What original films and limited series are arriving this month? Subscribe to ERC's new Streaming Release Schedule (SRS) to find out. 

All the top-rated streaming channels are listed on the SRS, as well as major cable networks—six pages of digital content at your fingertips. It's the digital age, and streaming services have fulfilled the promise of viewing our favorite programs anytime, anywhere. Finding and cataloguing them has been a real challenge, until now. 

Let ERC guide you through the fast-paced world wide web of streaming content, keeping you up-to-date and informed of the latest release date changes from the source you trust most, Exhibitor Relations, Co.

The authoritative Streaming Release Schedule is a must-have for industry insiders, media conglomerates, trendsetters, producers, creatives and moguls.  

An annual subscription costs $350.00 USD. 

The SRS will be emailed to you, and up to 3 additional addresses, as a PDF. 

$1,500.00 per year and includes a weekly excel update with all new streaming releases including Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and other services. This will also include the monthly PDF version of the Streaming Release Schedule as well.

You can purchase the FRS/SRS combo for $600.00 USD. 


This includes a weekly Excel file update with all new streaming releases including Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and all other services as announced by their respective outlet. This also includes the monthly PDF version of the Streaming Release Schedule.

An annual subscription costs $1,500.00 USD. 

Weekly Release Schedule (WRS)


The Weekly Release Schedule is an Excel Spreadsheet that lists films week-to-week by competitive release date and includes distributor, distribution format, theater counts, film ratings, 3D availability, director and stars.


The Weekly Release Schedule is ERC's most complete offering, updated and delivered weekly via email. It also includes a separate Excel file that lists release date changes. 


The WRS costs $650.00 per year (52 issues per year) and is issued every Thursday afternoon.

Reel Source Newsletter

The newsletter has been a staple for a majority of theatrical exhibitors and media outlets in North America for quite some time. It is a trusted source for exclusive information covering a wide range of industry topics including: historical box office data, release date changes, spotlight analysis, tracking information, special features and weekend recaps. The newsletter is released every Sunday morning.


Your subscription to the newsletter entitles you to receive all box office data as well, including weekend estimates and actuals, as well as the Weekly Release Schedule and Feature Release Schedule. In addition, you will receive The Box Office Scorecard, which projects North American grosses for studio films six months in advance of release.  

A weekly subscription costs $40.00 USD per week. 

Box Office Scorecard

Arrives in your inbox on the 1st of each month.  Covers box office predictions for major releases. Sent out via PDF.

An annual subscription costs $350.00 USD per year.


This service includes: Feature Release Schedule, Interim Release Schedule, Weekend Box Office Newsletter, Weekly Release Schedule and Weekend Estimates.

An annual subscription costs $1,00.00 USD. 

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