Exhibitor Relations has been the leading source for box office data since 1974. Tune in and listen to our new podcast as we discuss the effect this pandemic is having on the industry and the future of movie-going.

Episode 5: Unhinged Entertainment: China Reopening, Netflix Reupping and Wal-Mart Revampting 

Episode 4: To mask, or not to mask? That is thy theatrical question.

Media analysts Jeff Bock and Karie Bible discuss mask wearing and theatre re-opening

Episode 3: The Madness that is the Movie Industry

Will TENET open, and if so, will theaters be ready?

Episode 2: You Down with PVOD?

This week Bock and Bible at the Box Office discuss the looming threat of PVOD on theatres, the possible cancellation of the Oscars and the state of film production.

Episode 1: Unhinged Drive-Ins

Media Analysts Jeff Bock and Karie Bible dish the data and tabulate the trends that impact the box office. Hot topics of the week include the new Russell Crowe thriller "Unhinged" set for release on July 1st and the possible resurgence of drive-in movies. 

Media analyst Jeff Bock opens the vaults and takes a look at how movies performed at the box office in the past. This week he takes be back to the 1986 blockbuster TOP GUN.

Box Office Blips:  Can TENET open on July 17th?

Tracking the bleeps and bloops that bounce off the film radar. News and notables that impact the box office. 

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